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From OUR Farm to YOUR fork.

We make exceptional sausages and pies because our meat is reared in a free range system with our pigs, Gloucester Old Spots, Large Blacks and Wild Black Boars being kept outside in open fields with pig arcs. Our animals grow slowly making for a very tastier meat, resulting in our famous award-winning sausages and pies. Because of the way the animals are farmed they also experience far less stress than your average pig, this makes for much happier pigs and as a result the meat is more tender and has a distinctive taste and flavour.

The Parsons Nose Farm is owned by the Dobson family, who have been farmers, butchers and bakers for over 200 years.

Andrew Dobson currently runs the farm and strongly believes in using additive-free and free range farming methods to farm rare breed pigs, black boars and pedigree Hereford and Dexter cattle. His farming philosophy is based on how meat used to be produced and farmed in the 1950s.

Our land

At The Parsons Nose we do not use artificial fertilizer or harmful sprays on our pastures, the pigs don’t seem backward at coming forwards were fertilizer is concerned, so we don’t need it.