Honey Miso Pork

Honey Miso Pork


4 x Heritage Large Black Pork Loins, 1 x Miso Tub of Rub


This wonderful Pork and Miso rub Recipe is a result of our debut Chef Collaboration with Jesse James. Heritage pork loins with a delicious tasty Miso rub of honey, cumin, star anise and paprika.


Jesse James is founder and Head Chef at Tasting Spoon. He was classically trained in the Channel Island of Guernsey, former Head Chef of 5 star East Gate hotel, affiliated with Marco Pierre White. Jesse is currently Head Chef of The Fig restaurant in Great Malvern, and founder of www.TastingSpoon.co.uk



Honey Miso Pork with Carrot Puree & Charred Pak Choi 


x4  Parsons Nose Heritage loin steaks

Miso Rub

Carrot Puree: 

X4 Large Carrots 

50g Salted Butter 

25ml Sesame Oil 

25g Chopped Coriander 

Pak Choi  



Coat the pork generously with the Tasting Spoon Honey Miso dry rub and leave for 8 to 24hrs. Once the pork is marinated lightly coat the pork in a vegetable oil, using a non-stick pan get the pan hot and sear and colour the pork for 5 minutes each side. Depending on thickness of the pork, this should be an adequate amount of time for your pork to be cook through. However, if you are unsure using a temp gauge, it should read 63 degrees or above. 


Carrot puree

Peel & Chop Carrots into small pieces, place into a baking tray with the 3 other ingredients. 

Cover tray with foil and roast for 45/55 minutes at 185 degrees, once out of the oven, check the carrots are soft and use either a blender, or hand masher to mash the carrots into a puree. Be sure to keep all juices from the tray in with the carrots for more flavour


Pak Choi  


Ensure to wash Pak Choi thoroughly before cooking. Keeping leftover pork juices in the pan, flash frying the Pak Choi with a little bit of sesame oil until the edges of the Pak choi start to brown. To soften the Pak Choi more, while still in the hot pan add a splash of water to create steam in the pan, take pan off the heat and cover the pan for 2 minutes. 


 Top with coriander and sesame seeds and enjoy!.

  • Miso Rub Ingredients

    Cumin, celery, dried chicken fat, black onion seeds, honey powder, star anise, paprika, sea salt, brown sugar, brown peppercorn.

    Allergens in bold