Farmers, Butchers & Bakers For 200 Years



We are a rare breed! A family of farmers whose heritage can be traced back over 200 years and what’s more, we are still here!


The first photographic evidence we have is a photo dated 1890 of our great-great grandparents, dairy farmers Thomas and Annie Dobson and their 17 children. Many hands make light work of milking!

Thomas and Annie Dobson and their brood of seventeen! 1890

130 years later, Andrew Dobson still works incredibly hard to keep up the family tradition of sustainable and ethical farming whilst reflecting the times.

Andrew Dobson

Andrew’s maternal grandparents ran a traditional butchers shop in the 1940s. W.S. Ruscoe was the only butcher in town licensed to feed the hungry wartime locals of Market Drayton, Shropshire.


Andrew Dobson’s maternal grandparents, proudly posing outside their butchers shop, 1948

Our paternal grandfather Gerald Dobson was a Champion pedigree Friesian farmer. He was highly respected as one of the country's leading pedigree breeders. Here he is, charming Her Majesty the Queen at The Royal Agricultural Show, Warwickshire


Grandpa meets Her Majesty the Queen, 1967

Our history is important to us and Andrew’s farming philosophy takes inspiration from how meat used to be produced and farmed. 


These days less and less people selling sausages and burgers rear their own livestock. Instead they buy in the meat from a third party and process it. But we know what’s going into our products because we’ve reared it, been hands on with the husbandry, provided stress-free environments and allowed our stock to mature. We believe this is how it should be done. We know the provenance of our products and that’s why they taste so damn good!